Friday, May 9

Under the Influence

On my second day at Art & Soul, I took a class with Sally Jean. I know how to solder but I have room for improvement, and have always wanted to take a class from "The Queen of Soldering". My dilemma was that there was also a class given at the same time that looked like a ton of fun, and completely intrigued me. I played it safe and signed up for Sally's class. Sally is a pro at what she does, and I was happy to find that I was already using the same techniques she does. She shows you how she creates her little works of art, and even gives you the paint recipe to her famous blue/green hue she is known for. Here is the beginning of my "Little Pink House".
During lunch my friend who had taken the "fun, edgy" class came by and said I would have loved the class she was in. Linda and Opie (the fab, rockin teachers that they are) let me go into the class and check it out. The talent and creativity in the room was amazing! Everyone was working with a block of wood and a doll head, and creating "Who's Your DaDa" babies. That was it, I wanted in! Thought I hated to leave Sally's class half way through, I was a sucker for raw talent, and fun being had in the room just down the hall. After a bit of talking (ok, begging) and a VERY HELPFUL Opie and Linda, I was in. Now don't be scared... I know I am mostly known for soft colors and warm fuzzies, but here is my baby created from what I ran to my room and grabbed, as well as from what so many generous ladies in the class offered for my use. She's not finished, but I love the direction she is taking. She is "The Queen of Bling", and that's her jewelers loop at the ready for her next yummy find. Notice her rusty old lock, that serves as her tote for hauling her loot!

I can't tell you enough the fun I had. Linda told me coming in half way through the class... to "take a deep breathe" and then she was "gonna work me like a pony!" I had a blast making my little Queen of Bling Baby. And oddly enough, though she is very edgy for me, she was probably the least creative of all the work that came out of that class. 
Taking classes that are so far from the norm for me, have really sparked my imagination. Talk about a change in junking plans! I'm on the search for a big box of rusty, old hardware... the next sale I stop at, I'm headed straight for the garage.
PS: These dolls so remind me of Toy Story and what the boy next door does to his toys. All my baby needs is her spider legs! ha ha
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