Friday, May 16

where do you find good stuff?

Last year a friend and I got to talking about how it's becoming harder to find great stuff at great prices at our local flea markets. Most of the dealers at the markets make the rounds locally and you can see them every Sunday in a different location. It's their business and many are actually antique dealers. As we discovered the allure of what the markets held, so have others from coast to coast. I can't tell you the number of articles I see on the current trend in flea market style, as well as flea market shopping. Well, we decided we too could shop where the market sellers do... garage and estate sales. So, early one Saturday, with our newspaper and Starbucks in hand, we hopped in the car to see what we could find. We were fortunate in that there were many sales in one small area which made for quick, easy stops.  But we quickly found that what you find is hit or miss, and garage sales really weren't for us, and while I like shopping estate sales my friend did not. So for us, while the prices at flea markets are definitely going up, they still have everything we want in one fun, easy location. We're able to shop them year round in southern California, but this weekend we are expecting a heat wave. So this morning I got online and found an estate sale going on close to home. Here's what I found for $25...

one great old basket, heaps of old patterns, old wallpaper
books, crepe paper
and the sweetest little doll!
So... where do you find your good stuff? Are you an estate sale gal, a thrift store regular, or do you follow the signs to yard sales? 
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