Thursday, June 26

life is good...

Thank you all for your kind words of support and encouragement with the loss of our dear friend. It means the world to me that you take the time to support not only me, but our friends and family as well. You are a blessing to me, thank you.
Life... so big, and wild, and fun, and yet fragile at the same time (not to get all philosophical on you). The thought of it all moves me in a positive way, closer to creating the life I want.
I'll leave you with a few of the photos you've all shared, things that make me happy... your beautiful art. 
*i'm not sure what i did to delete the photo credits, sorry!

Monday, June 23

I need to clear my head...

two weeks ago a very dear friend of ours passed, and it has me in a strange place. In a fog I suppose. I can't seem to make sense of this. Someone so young... 47, the father of 4 who need him very much. He was the primary care giver since his divorce years ago. Not just their father, but a wonderful one at that. The only man I know who would (and did) join the Girls Scouts when his youngest daughter wanted to be a Brownie. They both joined and at 6 ft, and over 200 lbs he too got his membership card, and took his daughter to the meetings. This from a man who worked in Alaska in the oil industry. Such a big hearted guy, who did anything for his family and friends. For years we raised our kids with his, doing the family thing together... days at the beach, backyard BBQ's, swimming, camping trips. My gosh my husband even named his only son who was born on my husbands birthday! We spent so much time with them, and we are so lucky to have had him as our friend.
This is the first time I think I've ever felt depressed. I guess that's what it is. I walk around with a cloudy head worried about his children, and wondering how this wonderful guy could be gone. It scares me for my own family, my own husband... knowing that this happens to too many. It's not as though I am without faith. I just feel scared. I find myself looking at my husband when he sleeps and making sure he's breathing. I feel such overwhelming sadness. I guess it's part of the process. But it has shaken me to my core...
I pray for peace. Peace of mind, freedom from this worry, peace for his children and their broken hearts. I pray for his Mother who relied greatly on him, as her own husband passed years ago. Pray for them too won't you please.

Sunday, June 15

Show & Tell Sunday

How could I not play along with this weeks Show & Tell Sunday when 1) Heidi is hosting and 2) she wants us to share our flea market finds. As most of us do, I too love flea markets and the treasure trove of goodness that can be found there. Here are my favorite finds...

I found a fabulous display of old busts with one dealer last summer (I am sure there must be a true name for these, but I have no idea what it is). Anyways I was taken by them and had to have a close looks. She just called out to me. I still just love her, and she now reigns over my scrappy room.

This great lamp is one I picked up just last week, and I aDoRe the blue roses. How could I not get this, and it was a steal at $30. AmaZinG!!!
Lastly is this fabulous print I picked up earlier this summer... I think she is so beautiful I just couldn't leave her there, and $20. 
I'm not sure about others, but I find great things at great prices at our Flea Markets. I got all of this for under $100. including the sconces seen in the last photo. I've heard a couple of out of state visitors remark that our markets are expensive. I don't know where they're use to shopping, but I can tell you I couldn't get this stuff anywhere else locally for prices like this. Happy hunting!

Friday, June 13

learning through play...

Much to my delight I've been playing in my art journal this week. Not just my regular play but trying something new, at least for me. While I find creating the artistic page enjoyable, and I have a journal I write in, I've never been one to marry the two and combine my efforts. Teesha Moore, my art journal guru for lack of a better term, is wonderful at this. 
She shares her process on her website and I have read it a few times, but still can't seem to find my comfort zone with it. 
Sure I can do a bit of writing, but I can't master (or even find anything likable) about what I see myself creating when I try and combine the two.
I would love to use my art books as personal journals the way Teesha does, not to be like her but because I have many books that simply have no use once complete. I don't particularly care for just making art books with no further purpose. 
So this week I made myself go there (I won't show you the ugly pages). I was frustrated and HaTed what I saw. But I worked though it, and think I've had a breakthough. I am fairly happy with what this is evolving into. 
I'll keep at it learning and growing as I progress. I think it's part of the natural learning curve. So what area's of creativity do you find yourself struggling with? I'm sure it's not just me. And what do you do to keep yourself pushing forward in the direction you want to move in? 

Sunday, June 8

Trash to Treasure Sunday...

This morning while blog hoping Analise's Show and Tell Sunday, I got to wondering if I had anything I'd really transformed from trash to treasure. This was more my forte when I was younger and making our first home. Money was tight, and better spent on things other than home decorating. I also learned over the years that sometimes it's easier (and cheaper in the long run) to simply buy what you want, rather than trying to create it from leftovers. Then I remembered these few things...
Last year I gave my scrappy room a major makeover. I shopped thrift stores and for under $100 I bought these two diamonds-in-the-rough. Mr Warren and son thought surely the sales clerk was wrong when he showed them these two pieces and said, "Yes, I'm sure this is what your wife bought." They hardly thought them worth carrying home, but within a few days they were transformed from this... 

to this...

I love how these turned out, and Mr Warren and son were surprised to see that even these two dressers turned out as well as they did. Of course I knew all the time that all they needed was a little TLC.
So what have you transformed from Trash to Treasure? If you haven't done it lately, maybe it's time to give it a try.

Monday, June 2

it was a very good day

at the flea market, that is. You know how sometimes it's just one of those days, and it all comes together? Well, Sunday was one of those days. I was so successful at the flea market, that I even had to make a trip to the car to unload my goods. Here's a little peek at the new things trying to find a spot at our house...

Lovely white, old, showgirl feathers. They came from an old Hollywood back lot, or at least that's what I was told. They are sitting atop our cabinet, newly lined with vintage ledger paper.
Who can't use a little Mother Mary helping us along? I love the blue, and cream of her robe.

I just love this old print, and the pair of sconces. These haven't a permanent place to rest yet, but soon. Of everything found, I think my favorite was the perfect old monogrammed bed linen. It fits our eastern king, like an old sheet would, which suites me perfectly. And the best part is the monogram is our grandsons initials, EG. It was a great day indeed. 

Sunday, June 1

winner, winner, winner!

Thanks to all of you who dropped your name in the hat for a chance to win. Using a random number generator, here are the winners...
thrifty miss priss said...
I agree with everything you have said. Little did I know that this would become such a part of me and who I's what inspires me on a daily basis. You have a beautiful blog, I enjoy coming here!

megan said...
I believe that you are actually one of the ones who inspired me to start my own blog! I'd love to be added to the mix- thank you and happy blogoversary!!! hugs

jane said...
Love your blog, Dede! Don't have one of my own (yet), but really enjoy keeping up with as many of your wonderfully creative gals as I can! Please enter me in your drawing too. Thanks, Jane

Thanks again everyone for playing along. Have a great week!
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