Monday, June 2

it was a very good day

at the flea market, that is. You know how sometimes it's just one of those days, and it all comes together? Well, Sunday was one of those days. I was so successful at the flea market, that I even had to make a trip to the car to unload my goods. Here's a little peek at the new things trying to find a spot at our house...

Lovely white, old, showgirl feathers. They came from an old Hollywood back lot, or at least that's what I was told. They are sitting atop our cabinet, newly lined with vintage ledger paper.
Who can't use a little Mother Mary helping us along? I love the blue, and cream of her robe.

I just love this old print, and the pair of sconces. These haven't a permanent place to rest yet, but soon. Of everything found, I think my favorite was the perfect old monogrammed bed linen. It fits our eastern king, like an old sheet would, which suites me perfectly. And the best part is the monogram is our grandsons initials, EG. It was a great day indeed. 
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