Friday, June 13

learning through play...

Much to my delight I've been playing in my art journal this week. Not just my regular play but trying something new, at least for me. While I find creating the artistic page enjoyable, and I have a journal I write in, I've never been one to marry the two and combine my efforts. Teesha Moore, my art journal guru for lack of a better term, is wonderful at this. 
She shares her process on her website and I have read it a few times, but still can't seem to find my comfort zone with it. 
Sure I can do a bit of writing, but I can't master (or even find anything likable) about what I see myself creating when I try and combine the two.
I would love to use my art books as personal journals the way Teesha does, not to be like her but because I have many books that simply have no use once complete. I don't particularly care for just making art books with no further purpose. 
So this week I made myself go there (I won't show you the ugly pages). I was frustrated and HaTed what I saw. But I worked though it, and think I've had a breakthough. I am fairly happy with what this is evolving into. 
I'll keep at it learning and growing as I progress. I think it's part of the natural learning curve. So what area's of creativity do you find yourself struggling with? I'm sure it's not just me. And what do you do to keep yourself pushing forward in the direction you want to move in? 
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