Sunday, June 15

Show & Tell Sunday

How could I not play along with this weeks Show & Tell Sunday when 1) Heidi is hosting and 2) she wants us to share our flea market finds. As most of us do, I too love flea markets and the treasure trove of goodness that can be found there. Here are my favorite finds...

I found a fabulous display of old busts with one dealer last summer (I am sure there must be a true name for these, but I have no idea what it is). Anyways I was taken by them and had to have a close looks. She just called out to me. I still just love her, and she now reigns over my scrappy room.

This great lamp is one I picked up just last week, and I aDoRe the blue roses. How could I not get this, and it was a steal at $30. AmaZinG!!!
Lastly is this fabulous print I picked up earlier this summer... I think she is so beautiful I just couldn't leave her there, and $20. 
I'm not sure about others, but I find great things at great prices at our Flea Markets. I got all of this for under $100. including the sconces seen in the last photo. I've heard a couple of out of state visitors remark that our markets are expensive. I don't know where they're use to shopping, but I can tell you I couldn't get this stuff anywhere else locally for prices like this. Happy hunting!
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