Saturday, July 26

clarity comes from many places...

You may remember seeing this journal page from a few posts back. It seems that that, as well as conversations with others, has given me focus and clarity. While I've always loved art I've never really had any direction with it. That wasn't a problem per se, but the past year I also find myself in a new chapter of life (my kids are grown, and my youngest will be 21 soon). I'm not a spring chicken, as a girlfriend and I joke (I'm a summer chicken now) and with that comes a new found freedom. I've taught a few classes and while I love sharing my passion for art journals with others, it isn't something I'd ever really pursue. So for the last year a lingering thought has been drifting about... what do I want to do next? It's finally evolved quite naturally. Things aren't completely in place so I can't share more just yet,  but it won't be long before I can... 
If you're so inclined send happy thoughts up and out. 

Monday, July 21

an Artful Gathering

I thought I'd share this artful gathering with all of you before it fills up. My girlfriend Keli and her peps are planning a wonderfully, creative event, and fabulous summer camp with none other than Stephanie Lee...  and in Montana no less. Check out the breathtaking venue it's planned at, Six Mile Estate at Swan Lake. I hope to see a few of you there. 

Friday, July 18

some people make me want to create...

Last Saturday I went to a local show in hopes of seeing Teesha Moore's colorful, creative art journals once again. She and her husband Tracy were at The Rubber Stamp Show in Carson for the first time since last July when I met them. They so graciously let everyone handle, look at, and photograph their amazing books. They are friendly, humble, and generous with their knowledge, freely sharing tips and tricks with anyone who asked. I was thrilled to learn that these two are holding workshops in their home studio, although the first in August is full, I look forward to the chance to work with them both in the future. 
After my feast, I was moved to come home and play with paper and paint...

Im still learning to combine my art journals and my written journals. Teesha and I talked about this, and I was glad to hear her take on it. I'm having such fun with these...
Hope your all enjoying your summer and happily doing things you love as well.

Friday, July 11

ledger lined cabinet

Since taking my little sabbatical of sorts, my days have been enjoyable. Here's a quick little project I did, that's made quite an impact. It literally took minutes, and while not perfect, that suites my taste to a t. I'm off to find a cold drink, I'll be back soon...
ps: could this picture be any worse? what's up with that!?

Wednesday, July 2

following suit

I love what I see others doing this summer... taking time to enjoy the season, and I've decided to follow suit. I'm taking some time for myself, and stepping back from my blog a bit. I'll be back but I want to reconnect, find some balance, and collect my thoughts. Enjoy the summer with your family and friends. Be good to each other!
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