Monday, August 4

an artful journey...

I can finally share more of what I've been working on lately... I have long wished we had more in depth classes locally, something to push my creativity to the next level, something beyond soft arts. For over a year my girlfriend Robbin and I have talked about hosting creative workshops in the seaside villages of southern California. At last we are moving forward, and busy finalizing the details. We have our first workshop set, our teacher booked, and the dates confirmed (Oct 25 and 26). E-mails have been flying back and forth between the east and west coast, preparing with our first amazing artist. Everything has come together beautifully. We couldn't be happier to be hosting something we are proud to share with all of you. Our website should be finished by August 15, and we will share all we have in store with you then. 
Thanks for all the well wishes, it means the world to us!
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