Monday, August 18

Girls Getaway!

After all the hustle and bustle of preparing for Cindy Forrester's workshop opening, a weekend away was just what I needed. Registration is going GREAT and we have such a fun group of talented women gathering for this. I'll be setting up a yahoo group in the next day or two as a way for everyone to introduce themselves, and get to know each other. I am sure you already know many of them like Lidy of French Garden House, Jamie of Simply Me Art, Karen from Karen Eileen along with many more! Those of you coming are going to have a great time together. Robbin and I have had lots of fun planned this for you, and trust me... Robbin knows how to host good times, great food, and events to be remembered!

So back on track... I went to Arroyo Grande with my cousin for our girls weekend away. Though Suzanne doesn't consider herself creative, and while according to her she has never made a thing, we signed up for a class with jewelry designer Diana Frey. Her name may be new to many of you, but it won't be for long, this woman is going places. Like most great artist's, she has a style that it easily recognizable as her own. Following the current trend, Diana reworks vintage elements to create something new and unique. Though she uses found items, she also works heavily with new supplies for a look that is fresh and appealing. It's not the rough, vintage look you'd expect, but instead bright, and fun with just a touch of playfulness. Take a look at her work here...

Here's the piece I created with much design help from Diana. I had the elements, but trust me, it was all Diana's design which thrills me to bits. I just love how she used everything, in such a fun, fresh, unique way. Who knew I'd be able to wear a dolls leg around my neck, and get compliments as opposed to gasps of shock?! Perhaps one day we'll have Diana join us In The Artist's Studio. I know you'd have as much fun playing as we did. 

Oh, and Suzanne had a great time, and feels like a whole new world has been opened up to her. She was the first one in class who finished a necklace, which she designed and put together on her own. It's a great teacher who can facilitate results like that! Thanks Diana, I can't wait for your next workshop.
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