Thursday, September 18

September already!?

I don't know about the rest of you, but I find myself amazed that it's September already. What happened to summer? It was just here a minute ago, and now I notice that October is just around the corner.

Here in southern California we are blessed with wonderful weather. It's rarely hot for long, and it never really gets cold. Because of that, the seasons aren't as pronounced as elsewhere and so my surprise at nightfall coming earlier than I think it should... after all it was 82 today and still feels like summer to me. 
So to bring myself into the spirit of autumn... I try to incorporate things that tell me I should strive to feel the chill in the air (though likely it's the AC in the car, or the gentle fan blowing a soft breeze at home). I stop at Starbucks only 3 months out of the year to enjoy their Pumpkin Spice Latte, and today brought home new fall dishes from Home Goods. This afternoon I will pull a light blanket from the trunk at the foot of the bed, and will add it to the vintage linen sheet we've enjoyed since June.
I'm off to create with friends this evening. As I sit in the courtyard I'll be sure to bring a sweater along, and hope for the chance to wear it and and try and catch up to the calendar.
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