Saturday, October 11

Art & Soul...

I arrived home on Monday from a fun filled week in Portland at Art & Soul with my peeps Leslie, and Keli. They are sassy, fun, unpretentious, easy going women and I feel lucky, and thankful to have been lead to them. Leslie and I met last year, and we met Keli in Hampton in the spring and became fast friends. I'm so glad to have been able to spend time with these two taking fabulous classes once again.
Our first day was spent together in Nina's class. What a wonderful, free spirited, generous soul she is. I have long admired her art, and was thrilled to finally learned at her side, and be in her company. Love, love, loved her... happy birthday sassy girl!
The next two days I spent with the very sweet Misty Mawn learning (or trying very hard) to paint faces. Misty has amazing techniques which not to my surprise I was unable to master. Misty had us do some laugh out loud fun experiments in drawing, and so all was not lost on me. I was fortuanate enough to sit near Bonnie (my Taurus twin) who ThaNkFuLLy saved me and my project by gifting me one of her painted faces to use. Check out Bonnie's site, it is amazing! I have looked at it several times, yet somehow didn't make the connection until now. What a dork I am!! Below is my finished piece next to Misty's original.
My final two days were spent with the wildly talented, witty, Aussie Judy Wilkenfeld. I was able to get into her class at the last minute, which meant throwing over her partner Michael and his class. His was the class that got me to book the trip last spring, but I figure it'll also be what gets me to my next Art & Soul. Judy's class is such an involved, heavy technique filled book that I didn't come home with a finished project. I had misread the supply list, and so was a bit unprepared. Judy made sure I knew the steps before leaving, so I will finish my project at home.
This is Judy's class sample...
I'm home now and have hit the ground running in preparation for Cindy's workshops. Two weeks from today will kick of our first workshop and we are happily, busy with last minute details.

Here's hoping in time some of these talented wonders grace our studio as well, and come teach In The Artist's Studio with us. How much fun would that be?!
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