Thursday, October 16

happy hands

Like others, I sometimes find that my hands are still from the art and crafts I love. But this week a surge of creativity has come over me. Maybe it was a boost from Art & Soul, perhaps it is the looking forward to our workshops with Cindy next weekend. Whatever the reason, I am glad to have busy, happy hands once again. 
I spent Monday and Tuesday making a new throw from the bright, romantic fabrics Jennifer sent me last fall. I free handed my design, and though simple, I am quite pleased. It will be some time before I can use it as we are experiencing the never-ending summer this year.

On Wednesday Robbin and I took a break at Gilding the Lily and experienced our first murder with Debbie Thyr. If you're wondering like I was what a murder is, it is literally a group of crows or like birds. You know... a herd of elephants, a murder of crows. Hence Debbie Thyr calls her gathering women who create with her, the murders. Her classes projects are great, and everything is included which is a great bonus! Here is funny pic I had to take as Robbin turned her Jack into a bit of a Casonova...
and here's my finished Jack...
My creativity hasn't stopped and today I finished a few treats for our workshops that will be upon us next weekend. I hope you too have happy hands, busy with the passions of your heart!
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