Monday, November 17

Christmas is coming...

The year has flown by once again and I find myself grasping at the minutes, wanting to slow them down a bit, wishing they'd linger a while longer. It seems too soon to ready myself and our home for Christmas, but that's just what I'm doing and not a minute too soon. Santa will arrive with his team before I know it, and all my chores had better be done, as I don't imagine the big guy will wait for me once Christmas eve arrives.
Here are the beginnings of a twin quilt I will make for our grandson Ethyn... pirates await the cooler nights that usually arrive just in time for the holidays. 
Here are a few houses I picked up at the flea market a few years back. I finally have plans for a quaint little village that will serve as night lights on the dinning room sideboard. They've been lightly dusted with glitter, and await their holiday dressing.

and lastly here are a few boxes I plan to finish with photos of my husband and his brother for family. I took a class with a sweetheart named Priscilla and she shared her quick and easy tips for turning boxes into little keepsakes. I just know it'll make my mother-in-law cry when she sees her two boys atop their new perch. 
I hope you're happily getting ready for the holidays in your home too, it'll be here before we know it!
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