Tuesday, December 9

Christmas tags made easy

I told you I've been busy creating lately, and yesterday was no different. I made some Christmas tag that have been on my mind for a while now. Let me show you how easy it was...

I started by having a few old photos photocopied onto cardstock. My printer (Office Max) is able to print 8 images on a sheet for .49 cents, which keeps the cost down.
I cut all the images out, and cornered the edge of some of the photos. I like the mix of some images cut as tags, and others left as photos.
Punch holes for your string to go through, but don't add it yet. Next I gathered my glue stick and glitter.
I ran the glue stick along the edge of the tag at an angle.
Next sprinkle the glitter on. 
Lastly I used bakers twine to tie these quick, easy tags onto our packages.  I love how they turned out... here's a peek at them on a few gifts. Though I went for ultra modern paper this year (picked up at The Dollar Tree), I like the combination of the bright paper and bows with the vintage looking tags.

Give them a try. If you make some, leave a link to your blog in the comments so we can all come see them.
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