Wednesday, February 27

about The Art Nest

There is still so much to tell about my days at The Art Nest, and I have no idea what you want to hear about... so... You've seen the cabin, and beautiful surroundings, now here is a bit about the classes and our projects. 
Our first class (all day, Thursday) was with Anahata. I thought this would be the hardest class for me, as her art is so different from anything I have ever done. While I love what she does, I wasn't sure I'd be able to incorporate her style, or techniques effectively and honestly be happy with the results. Anahata works very quickly and encouraged us to as well. She also didn't want us to think about what we were doing, but to simply keep moving forward. That was very hard to do! I have to say that sitting next to Pam and hearing her trepidation as well, was some consolation. In the end this is what I did.

 The first is of myself at 2 years old, and the second is my grandmother. I realized later that I felt so attached to the photos I used, that it held me back in many ways, I was afraid of ruining my pieces and it hindered my freedom to play.
Our 2nd class (and the reason I went to the retreat) was Amy Hanna's class. Who knew creating a simple necklace and bracelet would take me 12 hours!? I struggled more with this than with Anahata's class. I have such an appreciation for what others are able to create!! Here are the pieces I bought from Amy,

and here are the pieces I made. Don't judge me too harshly, jewelry design wasn't part of the class and I am not so good at it. These still need and are scheduled for a little nip~tuck...

I owe special thanks to Lisa Call for all her help with my necklace, if it wasn't for her I would have nothing to show for that day but my sad looking bracelet. Thanks also to Michele, Laurie, Cheryl, Amanda, and Amy for giving me the bits and pieces that they were kind enough to share with me.
The last class (Sunday) was completely enjoyable, and stress free. Finally! Pam showed us how she creates her beautiful art journals, and some of the techniques she uses when she plays in them as well. I am very comfortable making books, and it was fun to see Pam work, and the ways she creates. I walked away with a finished art journal that has many pages with some beginning art on them. This way when we want to play we have a starting point and we can elaborate from there. Here are a few photos of my book...

Although I havent' been to many retreats I can't imagine there being one better than this. I loved it and had a fabulous time in everyway. Would I go back... in a heart beat! Thanks Candice and Julie for everything! You two are the best. Thanks also to all those who attending. You were all so friendly and helpful, and so generous with your help and supplies. You all helped make this one great event and one I will cherish for years to come. 

Monday, February 25

23 women, 3 classes, 2 Hostesses, 1 Amazing Retreat!

I am still in my bed this morning soaking in all I heard, learned, saw and experienced in the past 5 days at The Art Nest Retreat, hosted by Candice Elton and Julie Collings. Even as I sit here, it's hard to find the words to express it all. First of all Candice and Julie really are the keys to the success of this event. I hadn't known these two outstanding women before this event, and if you haven't had the pleasure of meeting or spending time around them, I'm sure I won't be able to adequately convey the true blessing it is to experience their energy and presence. If you're a reader of my blog you know this isn't a term I use lightly, but in my opinion it's the only fitting way to tell you how they made me feel. I cannot recommend highly enough the retreat they have created high in the SNOWY mountains of Utah.Thank you so much Candice and Julie for EveRyThiNg! You couldn't have been more welcoming, loving, kind or accommodating in any way! I had an unbelievably great time thanks to you two happy, fun girls..
There is a ton to tell you about my time at this retreat, but I will leave you with these few photos and share more later.

Sunday, February 17

Hunting & Gathering

I have spent all weekend puttering around, getting things ready for The Art Nest. I was so happy to get in to this one, and think it is the best line up! Amy Hanna, Pam Garrison, and Anahata Katkin are the teachers, who could ask for more? I am thrilled with thoughts of what I'll learn from each of these talented ladies.  I have my paints, paper and ledger for Pam's class, I've copied photos, bought canvas', and inks for Anahata's class, and collected jewelry bits and pieces for a month in anticipation of Amy's class. 
My trades are packed and ready to share... so hard trying to decide what I should put together. Alas I resorted to one of my favorite things, old paper.
A few weeks ago my welcome pack arrived...
It was stuffed full of postcards from the teachers, info on what to bring (I looked at the weather there this morning, it was 1 degree!), an invitation to vendor night, our schedule, and more.
I am not sure I'll be back again before I leave early Wednesday morning, but I'll be sure and share photo's and all the fun when I get home. Everyone have a great week! Oh, and please think safe, and happy travel thoughts for all of us attending. 

Thursday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day

On this day of love, I thought I'd share what my swap partner from Kari's Valentine Swap, Heidi sent me. I held off sharing it sooner, so I have some beautiful to show you today. Here is the heart she created and filled with pink and red art supplies. I just love the box in all is sweet, soft, pinkness. Thanks for everything Heidi, I love it all. Thanks also to you Kari for hosting this fun swap.
Mr Warren and I are off for a day at the spa. I hope you enjoy your day with those you love!

Tuesday, February 12

great new stuff...

Last week I got my first charm (pictured below) in the mail from Mendy. It's the first of 8 to arrive and I wasn't surprised by Mendy's creativity, or style. Her's is a favorite, and one I think you'll love as well. I had already started my charms when her's arrived, but my mojo wasn't flowing and I felt at a standstill. That, and the fact that I was dreading attaching the jump rings, something that I can't seem to get the hang of. 
Well, I am happy to report that one day at CHA were enough to jump start my charms. I did a soldering demo with a few girls who helped me master the art of jump rings... well, maybe not master, but I can say everyone's charms will freely dangle from a sweet ribbon, ready to hang about one's neck, a doorknob, or even from a lamp switch.
Here's a little teaser of a few of the charms I've made. They will go out tomorrow with the others, and as soon as I get mine I will be sure and post them all, as well as all the wonderfully talented ladies Mendy gathered for this collaborative. It's so much fun to play with women in this capacity, sharing our art, and inspiring each other.
In other news, it's no wonder that one of my favorite booths at CHA was Stampington's. I was able to get a copy of a new magazine debuting shortly, Sew Somerset. It is sure to be one I will pour over as the focus is "the art of sewing with mixed-media". This is so up my alley!
Here's just a hint of what the pages hold...

These pages above are by Caterina Giglio. I can't wait to find out more about her and her art! I think the page below is fabulous as well! It's done by Anni Schwabe.

Thursday, February 7

In the Company of Women

I'm so happy to finally share more about the class I'm teaching at Gilding the Lily in Fullerton. I put an altered book together overflowing with vintage bits and baubles, tips and techniques. In the company of women I have learned so much, everything I know really. As far back as I can remember, I have been greatly influenced by the women in my life beginning with my grandmother, sister, and cousins, as well as a hand full of dear family friends. I've learned who I am, and who I want to be. Don't get me wrong, I still have much to learn and I look forward to it! But this sweet book serves as a reminder of what I have learned In the Company of Women. I hope you'll join me as we gather around a table sharing friendship and inspiration in the setting of Nancy's decadent vintage shoppe. It's sure to be a day where I will learn yet more, because of being with all of you.

"In the Company of Women" will be taught on Saturday, March 8 from 10:30am -1:30pm. Make a day of it, and we can enjoy lunch together in any number of great eateries in the century old Plaza that houses "Gilding the Lily". Please contact Nancy to register at (714) 680-8893 or (714) 349-2069. I can't wait to see you!

Monday, February 4

Swip, Swap, Lollipop!

Oh, my mailman had been bringing goodies for days now! I joined 4 Valentine's Day Swaps and the packages are rolling in... oh, what goodness they contain. The first package that came is from the very sweet and thoughtful Maria. Take a look at the red velvet heart! I love it, the hand mirror, the ledger paper, and wallpaper.... 
Look at all she was able to fill into the red velvet heart box, that old cabinet card is so sweet, and the rhinestone circle is a definite favorite. Thank you so much Maria, it's all so nice, and very generous of you. I can't wait to play with every little thing!

The next package that came was from Stefanie in Germany. She sent me a box full of fun as well. She handmade a monogrammed heart using vintage farmhouse linen. She also added some raspberry tea Mr Warren has his eye on, German chocolates, heart shaped teas lights and more. While it's all just wonderful, I had to sit down when I saw a bundle tied up which reads, "Old farm house linen, over 80 years old". Oh Stefanie thank you ever so much! I love it all, and have even started using the linen. I made a little packet for a book I am working on, a little bed for it so to speak.

With all the swaps going on these days, I know I'm not the only one finding happiness on their doorstep. I can't wait to see what the rest of you get!

Sunday, February 3

Wall of Love!

I have been thinking about this for awhile and finally did it. My scrappy room wall of art.
Thanks to all the artist who created all this fabulous work, I am so glad you guys share by putting this stuff out into the world.
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