Tuesday, February 24

I'm seriously loving white these days...

Those who've met me know I can be quite the outgoing girl. I almost always have a smile on my face, and why not? Life's to short to be anything but happy to my way of thinking!
So it might come as a surprise that our home is pretty much void of color. I have had a serious love affair the past few years with a very subdued color palette consisting mainly of our oak antiques, and a very drab (but oh, so soothing) olive green. 
For the past few months even these admittedly bland colors seem too much for me. I've gone crazy it seems for white. 
Last summer my husband and I lined an oak armoire in our living room with old ledger paper, and we love the effect. 
Now I'm thinking of repainted many of the black frames and mirrors around our house. I use to jump into this stuff with both feet, making up my mind and having projects done by dinner time. Now I ponder, and wonder, think, and rethink it all.
Well what's wrong with me? Carpe' diem, right? Ok... I'm headed to the garage, grabbing some white paint and a few brushes and see what I can do. I also have big plans for some old linen table clothes and my sewing machine, I'm thinking new lamps shades, and table toppers. Wish me luck!
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