Monday, March 2

1924 for $19.50

Right along with most others, I too am watching where and how I spend our money. Thank God we have everything we need, and then some... not lots extra mind you, just some. Either way we have felt the effects as have most. 

Anyways, this morning as I went to the grocery store, my attention was caught by the thrift store a few doors down. While I prefer the Flea Markets to antique or thrift shoppes, something made me go in. I headed straight for the collectibles corner, and walked right up to this little guy.

I have longed for a Singer Featherweight for some time. But after talking to a few friends, I knew it wouldn't be for me anytime soon with their $1000 price tags. But sitting there full of cobwebs, dust, and debris, the treadle not moving, and slide plate missing was this 1924 Singer. I moved him from his perch in the corner, removed the old wood case and started to see what was there. I don't know a lot about sewing machines, but I found the original box with extra feet, bobbins and parts, and 3 receipts the most recent dated 1944 were all tucked in a side niche. On the arm is a piece of worn wool the previous owner had hand stitched into place and used to hold her pins. The case was in tact though in need of cleaning. For $19.50 I had to bring it home. Even if it sat until I could have it looked at, I knew it was a deal. After I put the groceries away I got online and found lots of useful information. After about an hour of poking and cleaning, reading and more, I apprehensively plugged the cord in. I tried the light and couldn't believe it came on! I literally laughed out loud, as happy as could be. Next I tried the foot pedal, and low and behold it works! She purrs like a kitten. 

Especially in these trying times, I think before I spend. But I'm smart enough to know this is the best $19.50 I've spent in a long time! 
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