Friday, March 20

worth the wait...

A year and a half ago I started an art project between 4 women who knew each other only online. Though we were scattered from Florida, Arizona, Illinois and California we shared a common bond in the interest of Maria Antoinette, spurred on by Sofia Coppola's visually stunning movie by the same name.
I Hosted a round robin among the four of us (Barbara Smith, Jeanne Szewczyk, and Maria Rodarte) in the theme of Maria Antoinette and the style of her day. We each began our respective books which were then passed around for each other to create and play in. After a few months with our books complete, I submitted them to Stampington. I was thrilled to learn that our books, as well as the books from a similar project Natasha Burns Hosted, would serve as the inspiration for just released Marie publication! I just got my copy in the post this morning and couldn't be happier to see our books in print.

I want to thank Jeanne, Barbara, and Maria again for sharing in this fun  collaborative with me. You all did great work, and were a pleasure to get to know better sharing our art together in this way. After 18 months your books will finally arrive home sometime soon. None of these girls have seen their books in person yet! I think like this beautiful magazine, you will be amazed with what comes back to you. 

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