Wednesday, April 29


Since visiting one of Rachel Ashwell's closing stores last week, I've felt an urge to recreate in my home what I've always loved about her style. I'm drawn to the soft, muted shades of white, barely blue, and the subtle gray of billowing, fluffy clouds and want to add more of that to our home.
In keeping with that, I've been working on a few long pondered projects this week...
I finally found a pair of lampshades for the cut glass lamps I picked up at the flea market last year. I removed the dusty, old covers and upcycled the shades using an embroidered white tablecloth I picked up on Etsy.
I've actually picked up several vintage, white tablecloths online and have started to slipcover a chair with another. I've never done a slipcover, but after seeing this I am completely inspired! Knowing the techniques tells me it's a doable project, if somewhat slow going. I'm taking my time, and will share photos as soon as it's done.
I also just discovered this tutorial on Karla's sidebar, and am adding it to my list of spring projects.
So tell me... what's inspiring you these days?

Friday, April 17

Life is Good...

Simply Seleta is hosting Fabulous Friday's and I'm jumping in... I think it's a great way to kick off the weekend!  Friday's have always been my favorite day of the week, and this week was a doozie; I cracked MacBook screen, my cell phone went crazy and won't hang up, my car's check engine light came on, my watch battery died, and this morning I walked into the kitchen and stepped into a puddle of water coming from the fridge!

But life is good. My cup is not half full, it's overflowing. Here are all the good things going on this week...
*I get to pick up my Marie Antoinette book from Stampington, so I can share it with the class I'm teaching on Saturday
*My cell phone company is sending a new, free phone
*I trust my mechanic Randy 
*I found a wonderful Mac tech at Illume Solutions who fixed my screen with one little part for only $40!
*My OCAM art group meets today
Yep, it is a Fabulous Friday, thanks for reminding me Seleta!

Now go watch ThiS aMaZiNg feel good video...

Tuesday, April 14

Love this...

Monday, April 13

the party's over...

Well I finally finished a couple of projects that have kept me busy the past couple of months. It's always fun to look at the work of talented friends who've come together to share art such as we had, but I have to say by the end of last week I was happy, and satisfied to see it compelted.

I'd started several projects at the beginning of the year including this one above, and the Vintage Valentine's fat books project that involved over 30 of us.
Friday left me feeling a bit the way you do after Thanksgiving Dinner... a bit overwhelmed by all the prep for it suddenly to be all over.

By Easter Sunday it was nice to spend a beautiful day with family. It's always fun to watch little ones learning to seek out treats left by the Easter Bunny.
Only days after the last projects are done, and this afternoon I find myself wondering about what new project I can throw myself into. Perhaps I should wait a few weeks... then again anyone have any ideas?

Monday, April 6

Rockin' a SeRiOuS sweet tooth!

What can I say? Sometimes it happens... every sweet treat in the market lands in my buggy! Today I clearly had no restraint. 

I have lots of projects to finish up this week, so the timing is right on! Happy Monday...

Wednesday, April 1

Feathering my Nest...

Why is it that we like the birds, find springtime the perfect time to feather our nests? For some reason everything seems to need a little sprucing after being closed up for the winter. Though our California winters are nowhere near as cold as the rest of the country, I do find my windows and doors to be thrown open a bit more these days.
Last weekend after visiting Nancy I fell in love with two great old cases she was getting rid of. Living in a tiny, old house (not cute old, just old, old) I couldn't think of one place I could use these. But I loved them, and the price was right. I brought them home anyways knowing I'd regret it if I didn't. I carried them into my studio and proceeded to empty every last flat surface in the room. Onto the floor it all went... and then I saw just where I could use these. I put one atop my desk and the other on the dresser. I love the aesthetic they add, as well as the great storage they offer. Within just a few hours not only had these found their perfect new home, but I had a completely clean studio to boot!

Here's to learning from the birds... happy spring!
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