Wednesday, April 1

Feathering my Nest...

Why is it that we like the birds, find springtime the perfect time to feather our nests? For some reason everything seems to need a little sprucing after being closed up for the winter. Though our California winters are nowhere near as cold as the rest of the country, I do find my windows and doors to be thrown open a bit more these days.
Last weekend after visiting Nancy I fell in love with two great old cases she was getting rid of. Living in a tiny, old house (not cute old, just old, old) I couldn't think of one place I could use these. But I loved them, and the price was right. I brought them home anyways knowing I'd regret it if I didn't. I carried them into my studio and proceeded to empty every last flat surface in the room. Onto the floor it all went... and then I saw just where I could use these. I put one atop my desk and the other on the dresser. I love the aesthetic they add, as well as the great storage they offer. Within just a few hours not only had these found their perfect new home, but I had a completely clean studio to boot!

Here's to learning from the birds... happy spring!
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