Wednesday, April 29


Since visiting one of Rachel Ashwell's closing stores last week, I've felt an urge to recreate in my home what I've always loved about her style. I'm drawn to the soft, muted shades of white, barely blue, and the subtle gray of billowing, fluffy clouds and want to add more of that to our home.
In keeping with that, I've been working on a few long pondered projects this week...
I finally found a pair of lampshades for the cut glass lamps I picked up at the flea market last year. I removed the dusty, old covers and upcycled the shades using an embroidered white tablecloth I picked up on Etsy.
I've actually picked up several vintage, white tablecloths online and have started to slipcover a chair with another. I've never done a slipcover, but after seeing this I am completely inspired! Knowing the techniques tells me it's a doable project, if somewhat slow going. I'm taking my time, and will share photos as soon as it's done.
I also just discovered this tutorial on Karla's sidebar, and am adding it to my list of spring projects.
So tell me... what's inspiring you these days?
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