Monday, April 13

the party's over...

Well I finally finished a couple of projects that have kept me busy the past couple of months. It's always fun to look at the work of talented friends who've come together to share art such as we had, but I have to say by the end of last week I was happy, and satisfied to see it compelted.

I'd started several projects at the beginning of the year including this one above, and the Vintage Valentine's fat books project that involved over 30 of us.
Friday left me feeling a bit the way you do after Thanksgiving Dinner... a bit overwhelmed by all the prep for it suddenly to be all over.

By Easter Sunday it was nice to spend a beautiful day with family. It's always fun to watch little ones learning to seek out treats left by the Easter Bunny.
Only days after the last projects are done, and this afternoon I find myself wondering about what new project I can throw myself into. Perhaps I should wait a few weeks... then again anyone have any ideas?
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