Sunday, May 17

Gone Fishing...

We're home from a week of camping at Lake Nacimiento and what a great time we had. My husband has long been a member of The Long Beach Bow Hunters, and for about 25 years several families have spent the week after Mother's Day at the lake camping and of course fishing... these are manly men after all.
There were 20 of us all together ranging in age from 4 to 74, what a fun bunch! We made smores, had fish tacos, and many, many cold beverages were consumed and enjoyed!
I haven't been camping for long time, but I can tell you for sure I hope to join them each year from here on out.
It's funny how soon we forget these family fun pastimes once our own children grow up. Thanks to LBBH for reminding me how much I love this stuff... dust, dirt, icky fish and all!
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