Tuesday, June 9

I lied...

Last week when I said I was going to go make jewelry (or at least attempt it) I lied. Please forgive me. I realized that I really have to rally myself when I even think about making jewelry. I love the look of all the vintage jewelry online recently, but apparently creating it just isn't my thing.
I do however love all the findings for jewelry... all of the elements, the rough stones, vintage pieces, broken bits, and I love the look the designers use in their own jewelry. But I've really struggled in making this art my own...
and so I'm giving it up. I have to say I feel a huge relief! I was talking with a friend of mine about my gathering, and collecting of this stuff only to find I'm not doing anything with it. While we were at the flea market, I literally banned myself from even looking at any more of it! I don't do anything with what I've already bought!
Then we ran into another friend Tami, she is a wonderful jewelry designer, and her's is the look I really love! After telling her how I was feeling, she suggested I should use the things I collect in the art I'm most comfortable... my books.
I'd never looked at these things as pieces to add into my books, but when she said it, it made perfect sense. Tami was right, I don't need to make jewelry, I don't even wear jewelry that often! 
But I do love my books! I don't know why I hadn't thought about this before, I guess that's what friends are for. Sometimes they see things more clearly than we do. So now I really am off to make something, I promise. I'm just not promising what it will be... but you can bet it will be filled with all of the pieces I cherish the most!
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