Monday, July 13

company is coming!

Summer is flying by and while I hear that's a sign of good times being had, I've also been busy getting ready for Judy's August workshop. While it won't be held in our home, I am having a girlfriend stay with us that week, as she comes to be with us from Phili. If you're anything like me, you know what that means... long put off jobs are finally at the top of the to do list!
We've painted the room Leslie will stay in and I've even given the fireplace a new faux finish.
Yesterday we scrapped the old paint from the garage and my son is pressure washing it as I type, so we can have it ready to repaint this weekend.
I didn't think that was nearly enough sprucing in these 90 degree days, so this morning I picked up some paint stripper at the hardware store. It's sitting for the directed 30 minutes right now...
in hopes of having this front door greet Leslie when she arrives. 
So even though I know our days will be spent with laughter, flea market trips, creating fabulous books with Judy, and late nights, good food and even better company; it makes me happy to ready our home as I look forward to friends coming to visit! None of these things will matter as I head to the airport to gather good friends, and look forward to our time together... but it makes me happy to do it today. I hope you're all looking forward to sharing good times with your girlfriends this summer as well!
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