Monday, September 28

My weekend in photos...

I am wiped out today, but it was all for a great cause! This past weekend Nancy and I hosted Iva Wilcox and Colleen Moody for 4 classes over two days, and a Trunk Show on Friday evening. It was a creating marathon and it was a blast! These two women put together wonderful classes and everyone had a great time, while making fabulous projects. I didn't take as many photos as I thought I had, but here's a peek at our fun filled weekend at Gilding the Lily...
Iva taught the first class Saturday morning, The Witching Hour. Iva had created a witch's shoe from a vintage chocolate mold for each of the students. Then they embellished and decorated the sweetest little Halloween Witch's Shoes. As I watched the class, I kicked myself for not having signed up for this! I think Iva felt my regret and she very kindly (and generously) gifted me the class sample. I AdoRe it!!! Thanks so much sweet Iva!

On Sunday Colleen taught her darling sculpted half dolls that we then attached to vintage photo frames and embellished with millinery flowers. Colleen had an extra kit, and asked me to join them in this project. I have always LOVED dolls and was thrilled to create these little treasures!

This is the little witch I made on Saturday with Colleen... how cute is she?! I am wild for these little dolls and have a feeling I will be creating many more for the holidays.
One of our regular students Carole Emmans was unable to attend her classes at the last minute. She had been looking forward to this for quite some time, and is a huge fan of Colleen's. Colleen was so sweet to take a special photo just for Carole. We all missed you greatly Carole, and hope all is well in your corner of the world.

Thanks to Nancy, Colleen and Iva for a wonderful weekend! Thanks also to all the great students who make my job so much fun, you guys are the best!
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