Sunday, November 1

CraZy gOOdNeSS!!

If you've ever read my blog you know I am wild for journaling and for Teesha Moore's journaling style in particular! In my opinion she IS the journaling queen! As the organizer and creator of ArtFest, ArtFiberFest, and most recently JournalFest, she is wildly talented and a huge supporter of the Arts. She rarely teaches, but to much to my delight she has spent the weekend creating and uploading videos of her making her signature journals and her process for filling them with art. If you love journaling as much as I do, or just want to learn more about art journals, go grab something to drink, find a comfy spot, and check out all of her videos on YouTube. There are at least 6 of them and I think she is still uploading as I type. Yippee, I feel like a kid on Christmas morning I'm so happy! Enjoy!!
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