Saturday, January 24

I can't show everything...

but I thought you'd like to see a few more Vintage Valentine Fat Book pages. I've now received hundreds and hundreds of pages. With so many participating that don't have blogs, this is a great way to share your art with others.  Here are a few more pages from a few who do blog... 

Friday, January 23

it's raining... updated!

I just had to replace the first set of pics, they were just too awful! Forgive me if that deleted some of your work!!
It's raining and here in So Cal and we can sure use it, especially after 10 straight days with over 80 degree weather the past few weeks. Finally a little winter weather in winter! It's the perfect day for pouring over the Vintage Valentines pages that have been coming in this week, but not the best day for taking photos. Excuse the poor quality...

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, January 21

the look of love...

Oh, the pages have started arriving! Whenever my Mailman delivers a package I tell him how much I love getting them. I decided not to say it this week, as he may get tired of hearing it and begin to think I'm nuts. Blogger's got the hick-ups this morning and won't let me add more photos, but heres at peek at the loveliness that's beginning to come in...

Thanks to all of you who participated... because of each of you I think you'll be very happy with the Little Book of Love that comes back to you. I'll post more pics soon...

Friday, January 16

little tokens of love ~ update ~

I spy with my little eye.... Vintage Valentine's fat book pages being made. Just look at a few of them...

Here's a peek at a few more...

I've been busy getting my pages for the Vintage Valentine's fat book done... shabby, old wallpaper, scraps of trim, old photos and more have found their way into my work. I love the light, airy feeling of these, and with the weather we've had this week (in the 80's) it feels like summer again.

Don't forget to get your pages in the mail by Tuesday please. I've seen sneak peeks on several blogs, and look forward to sharing photos with you all when they start arriving. I've got a couple local gals ready and waiting to help me assemble all the books. Thank goodness for friends!

Happy creating, and enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, January 14

a card for my son...

21 years ago my life changed when our youngest was born. He's shown me the best side of humanity with his quiet, selfless, compassionate, peace loving ways. I've literally never heard him say an unkind word about anyone! I learn so much from one so young.

Happy 21st Birthday Sonny, I love you more than you'll ever know. May all the happiness, and love you've given me be yours. I am so proud to call you my son and my friend.

Friday, January 9

love is in the air...

With all the prep for the round robin (which has evolved into a fat book), love has been on my mind. Our theme is Vintage Valentines, and so pulling out these tokens of love from days gone by has inspired me. 
In just a few short weeks many vintage Valentine's pages will begin arriving on our doorstep to be assembled into little books of love. I've been working on mine, and can't wait for the others to start arriving. 
Until them, I'll assemble our mantle into a sea of love... I'll spread about hearts a plenty, arrange lingering roses in tarnished silver vessels, and read Victorian Valentine's cards about long ago love.
I don't know about your place, but love is in the air around here.

Friday, January 2

New Workshop Announcement

Robbin and I are pleased to announce our first workshop of the new year, Soulful Doors with jewelry and fiber artist Ruth Rae. On Saturday, February 21 Ruth will join us In The Artists Studio to teach this one day workshop.

Ruth Rae is a classically trained jeweler and instructor. During Ruth’s tenure as a metal smith she began to experiment with other forms of media and techniques. As time has progressed Ruth’s true passion has become “mixed media fiber art.” Ruth’s pieces are internationally recognized for their unexpected yet elegant combinations of altered fabrics, vintage lace and antique papers that find themselves intertwined with transparencies, found objects and words that are bound together by hand and machine stitching. Ruth enjoys sharing her creative process in her contributions to Cloth Paper Scissors, Belle Armoire Jewelry, Somerset Studio and Artful Blogging. Ruth is currently working on her next book about mixed media fabric art that will be released in 2009.

You can get all the info here In The Artists Studio.


In other news:
 the sign ups for the Round Robin have been great! 
Thanks to all of you who are participating,
I am so glad you want to share your art this way.

I've decided on a Vintage Valentine's theme,
and you'll be seeing lots more in the weeks to come. 
For now here's my book base...
soon to be filled with lovely shades of red and pink, 
hearts and kisses, and sentiments of love.
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