Sunday, December 19

I hope everyone's...

having a very Merry Christmas!
My wish is that you're able to enjoy all the things you love most about Christmas and the holiday season. I hope you forget about the long to do lists that can fill your days, and that you focus on all the little things that make you smile this time of year!
I love the merry making of it all, though it's changed over the years as my kids have gotten older... my husband reminded me today that I don't bake like I use to. Then he said he didn't miss it; we have no willpower over cookies, Rice Krispy treats, peppermint bark, or English toffee! Especially when it's usually just the two of us at home.
And this will be the first Christmas that we won't wake up with Ethyn and Jamie, as they've decided to spend Christmas Eve at their house for the first time since Ethyn's been born. It'll be different waking up without them here, but I understand Jamie's ready to start traditions of her own.
Thankfully there are some things that won't change! I'm looking forward to Christmas morning brunch at our house with the whole family... mimosas, hot cocoa, everyone's favorite foods, the yule log and Christmas music in the air.
So while I have wonderful memories of Christmas' past, I know we'll make new memories that we will cherish as much as we do the old.
(All photos from my White Christmas Ornament Swap)
I guess my point is that this time of year, whether different from days gone by or the same, they can be whatever we want it to be. Even with the sadness of lost loved ones and those we miss, I know I'm only as happy as I make my mind up to be, and I'm choosing to be Merry & Bright! I hope you're doing the same!

Friday, December 10

Sneak Peek....

After a slight snafu in our White Christmas Ornament Swap (my husband wrapped one of the boxes of ornaments, and had it under our tree thinking it was something he'd ordered online. It had been there for almost a week!) I finally packed up everyone's Christmas treasures and got them out in the mail today. They're coming Priority so you all should have your ornaments soon! I'll share a few photos so if you want to be surprised, close your eyes. For the rest of you, here's a sample of what you'll be getting...
Sweet Girls made by Sylvia Estrada
Darling snowflakes from Cindy Wood
Debbi Greenlee's soldered snowflakes
Carol Pohl's musical notes
and the sweetest little Christmas throne
I've ever laid eyes on, made by the talented Connie Freedman

look at the 'D-throned' card she sent me...
oh, I love it! By the way, go take a peek at
the amazing gingerbread house she just made with her daughter. It's stunning!

Didn't everyone make wonderful ornaments for each other? I'll share more next week... everyone have a fabulous weekend!

Sunday, December 5

Sunday morning finds...

I took a break from sorting ornaments this morning and headed to my favorite little flea market. It was the perfect morning... shopping with Nancy, running into friends and customers, and finding a few little things. The last photo shows a Christmas project I've had in mind for over a year...a decantler (as Nancy named it) for Mr Warren (my archery loving husband). A friend saw a wonderful soldered bottle with an antler as the topper, that I hope to recreate with her help. I'll share photos soon if it turns out as planned. Happy Sunday!

Monday, November 29

playing with books

I'm not quite sure how it's happened, but lately there's been a creative storm brewing around here. I've gotten a ton of playtime in with books, paper and paint.
Years ago I did a lot of scrapbooking, so I have boxes of gorgeous papers that have sat idle for too long. I pulled them out a few weeks ago and I literally sat for a day just adding papers into books as it rained outside. Little pieces here and there that reminded me why I feel in love with books to begin with.
For the next few days I played with pen and ink, and then I dove into some new Luminarte paints. I've always loved Twinkling H20's, but I hadn't ever used Luminarte Color Concentrates. What a fast, clean, easy way to cover a blank page with color! They dry quickly as well, so there isn't a lot of down time waiting for pages to dry. While the glimmer does show well in photos, I'm loving the shine it adds!
I'll continue to add to these books over time whether its with paint and ink, or more scraps of paper. And then one day when I need to clear my head, I'll pull these books out and write up a storm, letting my words fall out onto the opened page. That's when I write the most... when there's a storm brewing inside my head that won't be kept quite any longer!

Sunday, November 28

happily creating....

On this Thanksgiving weekend I've enjoyed having my White Christmas Ornaments to work on... in between turkey and pie, Christmas music and movies, Black Friday shopping at 3:45 (gasp!), and time spent with family and friends. I hope you're enjoying the long weekend too, and having fun doing the things you love!

Thursday, November 18

Dreaming of a White Christmas...

Are you dreaming of a White Christmas? I know I sure am... and I got to thinking with my last project finished, I'd like to host a White Christmas Ornament Swap!
It's been a while since I've hosted a swap, and I'm ready to get in the holiday spirit. I want this to be fun, and not cause a lot of stress for any of us during this already busy time of year. So I'm thinking we can gather in groups of 12, as a nod to the 12 days of Christmas.

I'm not one for rules, but here a few things to keep in mind...

1. All ornaments should be handmade
2. Please use white as the main color in your ornament
3. Create 12 similar ornaments
4. Drop in the mail to me NO LATER than December 1st

I love the idea of having a box of beautiful, handmade ornaments as a gift to myself and each of you. If this sounds like fun to you as well, just send me an e-mail at so I can include you in the fun!

Monday, November 15


Well, I think it's finished... and I'm glad! While I'm really happy with how the table runner came out, I'm ready to move on to my next project. I will continue to add little bits here and there as I find them, but here it is today...

You may have noticed my beloved cat Rowdy napping in my suitcase; we got home late last and I have to unpack from a quick trip up north. More on our visit to Carmel and Tancredi & Morgen in my next post. Happy Monday!

Friday, November 5

making progress...

Thursday, November 4

Looking to Thanksgiving...

A few weeks ago I started a new table runner that I'm hoping to finish in time for Thanksgiving. I picked up a long crocheted piece of linen while junking and it fits the table perfectly! So I've gathered a few of my favorite things, in my new favorite color... sepia! At least that's what I'm calling it, as there really is no color other than the natural, faded colors of old lace, tatting, rhinestones, mercury glass, and such. I even want to add photos of family in old tin type frames I picked up at Gilding the Lily. Here it is in progress, I'll try to add photos as I work on it....

Is there anything you're working on lately? If so link up in the comments, I'd love to see it!

Saturday, October 30

This is about as scary as I get...

I love the sound of the rain as it falls pitter-pat outside... oh, thank you fall weather for showering us with your goodness! The dark grey skies, and the cooler temps have me happily working with a new table runner in hand, and my favorite scary movies on DVD. Well, it's my-kind-of scary...

HaPPY HaLLoweeN!

Sunday, October 17

a few kits left...

The never ending chore of cleaning my art room is finally at the top of my "to do" list. Oh please let today be the day it's finally done! I'm sure you know how I goes....
Anyways, I came across a few left over kits from Tinsel & Treasures. They're all wrapped up and ready to go, everything you see is included, and they take about an hour to complete with little more than scissors, a bit of glue, and a little tape. You can find them here if you're interested.

Sunday, October 10

welcoming fall...

It hardly seems possible that we're already deep into October. But we are, and thankfully this year's weather is beginning to feel like fall. It's got me in the mood to cozy up our home, pull out the throw blankets and quilts, and welcome the cooler days ahead.
I was surprised to hear my husband say he wanted to start looking for new furniture for our living room, but I suppose it's time for that as well.
With the exception of our sofa's, our furniture has come from antique shops, thrift stores, and flea markets so I was unsure of where to begin our search for couches.
Until I went to Restoration Hardware's website... theirs is completely the look I'm going for!
I love all the non-color... the linen covered sofas, the wood, and the industrial pieces of the rooms they've designed! Being married to an archer, I've finally decided to go with this look completely; trophy's on the wall, cow hides, and painted wood floor! And the big bonus is that we've got all of this stuff already, so we only need to find the sofa!
So while we haven't settled on which of these we'll order, I had that color scheme in mind when I went junking with a girlfriend last week. It was so easy, and such fun shopping with a color pallet in mind...

These are a few of the things I found, and while these have a feminine touch that R.H. doesn't, I figure if I'm willing to have a full mount bear in my living room, my husband and son can deal with roses on our platters, old silverware, and etched shot glasses to sip from!

Monday, September 27

Tinsel and Treasures....

After a wonderful week with girlfriends (and not nearly enough pictures; we are about the art and not taking photos apparently) we enjoyed one last hurrah in Spokane before I hopped a plane and headed to Northern California for Tinsel and Treasures.

Iva Wilcox hosts this amazing one day show of artists and their art in Danville, California. I don't want to sound biased, but honestly this was the best art show I've ever been to. Not the largest, but the BeSt none-the-less. Everyone there specializes in amazing, handmade art or antique and vintage elements.

Iva's trusty side kick and hostess numero uno Colleen Moody
(and half of her wonderfully-sassy husband) who hosted a huge dinner for everyone the night before. She is the most humble, wonderful woman I've ever met!

The lovely and talented Anna Corba who couldn't be nicer!
Happy Marsha who owes a local antique shop, where I spent most of my money! Oh, such goodness!!!
I should have taken a shot of Charlene's table at the end of the day, she literally had 3 small pumpkins left standing alone. I'm telling you Iva really markets this show well; the crowd is made up of women who support artists as opposed to being artists themselves! How wonderful for those selling, right?

The beautiful and talented Christy...

Fellow Fullerton Artist, Judy Mackie with her beautiful shell art!

So Cal Artist Virginia Lewis (who I want to teach at GTL)...
And this artist (who's name I unfortunately didn't get) creates all these guys completely by hand!
I can't possibly share photos of everyone there, but if you want to see more take a peek at all of Sandy Wood's fabulous pictures here...
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