Tuesday, February 16

Cut & Paste...

A few months ago I shared some videos Teesha Moore posted on youtube. While I've adopted her methods of bordering my pages (I also paint mine) that's where the similarity ends. She is an amazing artist and so much more detail oriented than I will ever be! 

This is what's going on behind the scenes as I snap photos; Scout ever at my side.

My own personal assistant!
I'd never made a book the way Teesha does, but I can't tell you how easily it went together. If you've ever wanted to make your own journal, do it! I don't know of an easier one that this one. I literally took me 20 minutes to make the book base start to finish. Then I spent the afternoon playing with paper and paint; the fun part!

I'd gone thru a stack of magazines and all the borders and photos are from one old Romantic Homes, and one Glamour magazine. Easy-peasy!

With all the rain and cool weather we've had the past few months, the sun that's been shining pushed me to use these sunny happy colors. I'm so looking forward to spring!
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