Wednesday, March 31

playing the dessert sun....

Actually we played in the air conditioned house...
but last week a girlfriend of mine gathered a group of 7 creative friends for a week of sharing and creating art in the desert. We were all basically unknown to one another except through our mutual friend brought us together, and as Lana said, "If we saw each other on the street, we might smile but we would never get to know one another." It's so true! We're all so diverse and come from such different backgrounds, but brought together through our art we almost instantly fell in together like old friends!
For 5 days we came together and shared our respective art with one other teaching around the dinning room table from morning until night, clearing it only to move onto our next project. By the end of the week, Sue's beautiful casita exploded into a sea of color, texture, supplies, and overflowing art!

We enjoyed fabulous homemade meals, a few bottles of wine, shopping trips for art supplies, lots of laughter and a few deep secrets, but mostly we shared our love of art and our creative passion. We did freeform crochet, sculpted, made book covers and background pages, we created Mermaids, and fairy wings, willow chairs and more!
I stayed with Pene, and though we started off as strangers, I now lovingly call her a wonderful, dear friend. I'm so happy to have found this gentle, sweet soul who feels like a long lost friend! Funny and kind she is a true kindred spirit... thank goodness she is only an hour and half away, and I'm so looking forward to getting together with her again soon!

We all said how much we enjoyed our time together as a creative sisterhood, and it makes me realize that I'd love to do this more often. Last year I talked about getting an art group of my own together, and I think after such a wonderful week I may have just the inspiration to do it!

Thursday, March 18

Welcome Spring...

Every morning I pass this house with the most amazing tulip garden! All our rain past few months has surely helped this garden bloom more profusely that in the past few years. 

This is the same garden each afternoon... artist parked on the lawns filling blank pages with colorful happiness. Welcome Spring... I've missed you!

Monday, March 15

Globes de Mariee'

Like everyone else, I've completely fallen for the French influence that's been around for the past few years. The soft colors, the distressed hues with centuries of age awash over antique pieces that have made the way to us here in the States just waiting to gobble it all up! 
One of the things I've been loving are French Globes de Mariee's. Made in France during the 1800s, these globes typically held bridal keepsakes. 
Upon tufted seats made of silk or velvet, sat a brides wedding bouquet or headpiece, and photos or memorabilia from her special day.
So even though I'm wild for these Globes, I don't have one... or didn't until now. After seeing one Nancy has had in the shoppe and deciding not to buy it, I've been wanting to making one.
As with everything else, it took months to actually sit down and do it. I guess I need lots of time to contemplate what I want as the end result. Well, I've had such fun with this I've decided to teach this as a class. I can't wait to make more of these, and if you'd like to join me you can find all the class information here
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