Monday, March 15

Globes de Mariee'

Like everyone else, I've completely fallen for the French influence that's been around for the past few years. The soft colors, the distressed hues with centuries of age awash over antique pieces that have made the way to us here in the States just waiting to gobble it all up! 
One of the things I've been loving are French Globes de Mariee's. Made in France during the 1800s, these globes typically held bridal keepsakes. 
Upon tufted seats made of silk or velvet, sat a brides wedding bouquet or headpiece, and photos or memorabilia from her special day.
So even though I'm wild for these Globes, I don't have one... or didn't until now. After seeing one Nancy has had in the shoppe and deciding not to buy it, I've been wanting to making one.
As with everything else, it took months to actually sit down and do it. I guess I need lots of time to contemplate what I want as the end result. Well, I've had such fun with this I've decided to teach this as a class. I can't wait to make more of these, and if you'd like to join me you can find all the class information here
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