Sunday, April 25


I've had these lampshades for a few years now, something I picked up at the flea market after seeing an altered shade on the pages of a Stampington magazine. Shortly after that, I was part of a swap where we exchanged small pieces to hang from our shades.
While I loved what I received, it's been a few years now and I thought it was time for another change up.
After seeing Keli's post on Sally Jean's chandeliers, I decided to pull of all the old bits and rework these again. This time with a few of my favorite things... old lace and trim, chandelier crystals, vintage buttons, ledger paper, French bullion, millinery, and more.
I never wired these for lighting, but after seeing vintage looking Edison bulbs,
I hope to do that this week.
Everything old is new again, and I love that being able to come up with a fresh now look for these favorite shades hanging in my art room. What have you reworked lately?

Thursday, April 22

Bravo Michael, bravo...

If you love art, make art, teach art classes, or are an art student please go read this. As a class coordinator, I've heard every side of this conversation possible with teachers, students and everyone in between! I couldn't have said it better or agree more Michael, thanks for being the voice of reason on this hotly debated issue.

Tuesday, April 20

Thanks Jenny...

I want to thank Jenny Doh for asking me to be a Guest Curator on her website When Jenny made the leap from Editor of Stampington publications to creating I had no idea what a wonderful resource she would be hosting. It's quickly become one of my morning stops as I keep up with blogs and other favorite websites. There you'll find various artists sharing their Art Saves experiences, as well as their favorite blogs, artists, tutorials, and more. Be sure and check it out if you haven't done so yet, and if that's what brings you to my blog today, thanks for stopping by. Again thanks to Jenny for asking me to be a part of your wonderful corner of the world wide web!

Sunday, April 18

sometimes you just have to try...

For the past few years I've wanted to learn to make bezels... from wire, and sterling sheet, old tin types, paper, and gemstones.
I even met and hosted a very talented jewelry artist and brought her across country to teach. Little did I know then, that when you host a class like I had done, there would be no time left for learning myself.
But I listened to Cindy as she explained, and showed each student her techniques for bezel making.
After the classes were over, thoughts if creating bezels stayed on my mind. Perhaps even more so than before our workshop... and so I simply had to try it on my own. Low and behold (and much to my surprise) I had a bezel finished within an hour! With my success with the first bezel made a few years ago now, I recently set out to make a few more. I purchase the supplies while in New York with friends last fall, and when we gathered together again in January I made a few more bezels.
It's odd that though I struggle with the design of finished jewelry, the techniques of putting pieces together is very fulfilling, and very easy to learn. I'm completely inspired to continue creating this beautiful art, and I hope you're inspired to try things you've always wanted to learn as well!
Update: YouTube is a great place to watch free videos on just about anything imaginable!

Wednesday, April 7

you can do anything you believe you can...

I am completely inspired by Tami Hichman and the wonderful jewelry she creates! After being introduced to her a few years ago, we began running into each other around town; the flea market, Gilding the Lily, etc... So while I know her, it's a funny sort of connection. I guess that's why I am so amazed by her giving, generous spirit. Over the past few years, we have several conversations about my art and Tami's  jewelry, which she knows I adore. Unfortunately she's kept so busy selling to retailers like Fred Segal and Juxtoposition that she isn't able to create and sell directly to the public. Well last year Tami told me that there was no reason I couldn't create the same beautiful things she creates, or at least something similar. She even went as far as to give me tips, and tons of encouragement. I finally sat down with my goal in hand of creating a necklace similar to Tami's Original Double Wrap necklace (which is a favorite of mine). I couldn't be happier with the results! Tami was right, I did it when I believed I could... and also because she gave me the inspiration, and cheered me on in my efforts. I still hope to have a piece of Tami's beautiful jewelry one day... I guess that's the next thing I need to believe in!

Saturday, April 3

Happy Easter to you and yours...

Regardless of what I do tomorrow, I'll be thinking of all the Easter's past and the many family and friends I've been blessed to spend them with. 

HaPPy EaSteR!
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