Sunday, April 25


I've had these lampshades for a few years now, something I picked up at the flea market after seeing an altered shade on the pages of a Stampington magazine. Shortly after that, I was part of a swap where we exchanged small pieces to hang from our shades.
While I loved what I received, it's been a few years now and I thought it was time for another change up.
After seeing Keli's post on Sally Jean's chandeliers, I decided to pull of all the old bits and rework these again. This time with a few of my favorite things... old lace and trim, chandelier crystals, vintage buttons, ledger paper, French bullion, millinery, and more.
I never wired these for lighting, but after seeing vintage looking Edison bulbs,
I hope to do that this week.
Everything old is new again, and I love that being able to come up with a fresh now look for these favorite shades hanging in my art room. What have you reworked lately?
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