Sunday, April 18

sometimes you just have to try...

For the past few years I've wanted to learn to make bezels... from wire, and sterling sheet, old tin types, paper, and gemstones.
I even met and hosted a very talented jewelry artist and brought her across country to teach. Little did I know then, that when you host a class like I had done, there would be no time left for learning myself.
But I listened to Cindy as she explained, and showed each student her techniques for bezel making.
After the classes were over, thoughts if creating bezels stayed on my mind. Perhaps even more so than before our workshop... and so I simply had to try it on my own. Low and behold (and much to my surprise) I had a bezel finished within an hour! With my success with the first bezel made a few years ago now, I recently set out to make a few more. I purchase the supplies while in New York with friends last fall, and when we gathered together again in January I made a few more bezels.
It's odd that though I struggle with the design of finished jewelry, the techniques of putting pieces together is very fulfilling, and very easy to learn. I'm completely inspired to continue creating this beautiful art, and I hope you're inspired to try things you've always wanted to learn as well!
Update: YouTube is a great place to watch free videos on just about anything imaginable!
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