Thursday, May 27

what I've been up to...

You might remember a few years ago seeing something about a company in London, who creates fabulously, colorful furniture and home accessories, Squint. Well recently I saw them online again and though my home is pretty neutral in color, I just love Squint's style.
I knew I had to try creating something in this bold way, but wasn't sure my home or my family would be as happy as I was over it.
I thought about a mirror we have, and I'd love to do this to it...
I finally decided to work on an old chandelier I picked up a few years ago. I didn't pay much for it, so I wasn't worried about ruining it. And let me say for those of you who may try this, I wasn't so sure how I felt about it halfway through. But I kept going realizing more really would be better in this case.
I didn't prime the lamp, so I just used my good acrylics and started painting in my favorite colors. After that I found coordinating colored ribbons and trims and wrapped each arm. I'm not sure you can see it, but I even glittered one arm completely!
Now I'm loving this! I think I may do that bathroom mirror after all! But first I think I need to paint the top piece of my lamp... I had originally left it as was, but I see from the photos, it feels a little disconnected. Ok, back to the paint... I just thought I'd share!
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