Wednesday, June 9

summer's coming....

Every morning I drive my grandson Ethyn to school.
His mom has to be at work before school starts,
so she drops him off at our house and we start our days together.
This week all that will change, this is the last week of school.
I'll still see him regularly, but it won't be the same.
I'll miss him and he'll miss school. It's been such a happy place for us both.
I've been lucky to be able to spend two days a week in his class.
But time marches on and summer won't wait.
While I won't start my days as I have for the past 9 months,
we have the beach, the pool, Disneyland, museums,
and play dates with friends to look forward to.
So come on summer.. bring your sunny days and warm weather our way.
We're ready for you!
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