Sunday, July 18


It's been a while since I've listed anything in my etsy shop... for several reasons. I've never had the interest in selling that so many women today have, but I love making jewelry and the fact that I don't wear it much hasn't slowed my jewelry play.

So I'm going to use what I've collected over that past few years, and continue to create with the bits and pieces I love.

I'll be listing things as I create them... or perhaps simply as the mood strikes me.

Either way, I'm moving forward.


Honesty is beautiful
Kindness is beautiful
Intelligence is beautiful
Talent is beautiful
Beautiful is a romance with such abundance
Beautiful are the flowers that roam the earth
Beautiful is awaking to the sound of singing birds
Beautiful is a disguise
Playing hide and seek inside and outside
Beautiful is as naked as the rising sun
Beautiful is delightful and truthful
Beautiful is the golden daylight that shines
And the taste of sweet colored red wine
Beautiful was never ever created by mistake
Beautiful is the ingredient we bake life’s cake
When all or nothing is at stake
I am beautiful
You are beautiful
We are beautiful
Beautiful is great
Beautiful is sweet
Beautiful is love
Beautiful is power
Come to me Mr. & Mrs. Beautiful
Let me into your little secret
Of why you are so obedient and dutiful

Copyright 2005 - Sylvia Chidi

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