Friday, July 9


I'm sorry I haven't been around much this summer... as it should be I suppose. I've been enjoying days at Disneyland, trips to the pool, backyard bar-b-ques, and more. I even had the pleasure of having Leslie come out from the east coast to hang at our house for a week. With the heat they've had in Phili this summer, she was surprised each day by our wonderful weather as days flowed into night while we create art on our patio under blue skies and endless breezes. The radio played in the background lots of cold drinks were consumed!
I'm happy to share with you a class Leslie will be teaching next month in New Jersey. Leslie is a talented book artist, and if you want to learn to take simple objects and turn them into works of art, this could be the class for you. You can read more about it here.

Okay, now back to my casual summer schedule. I've been busy creating but nothing I've photographed yet. I'll try and be back soon, until then grab a good book (like The Help) and enjoy your summer!
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