Friday, September 24

Little House in the Big Woods....

Earlier this month I went back in time to a wonderful way of life in Montana. Keli invited Leslie and I to enjoy a late summer gathering in both of her amazing homes deep in the woods (at least to this California girl) of Montana... and so we went. After meeting a few years ago the three of us began traveling to and from each others homes to play and make art, and happily Keli played hostess this time.
Well, make art we did! We even learned to do antique wet plate photography with an amazing artist Sean who we meet at an Art Faire shortly after we arrived... expect more to come with him soon (what a great artist and teacher)!
Here's our beautiful Keli looking out over Georgetown Lake where we spent our creative time
on the edge of the lake
in her little house in the big woods of Montana. I have loads more to share, but am still playing catch up. So I'll leave you with a few photos of some of our playful experiments in nature dying....

I promise to post more soon. Until then everyone have a great weekend!
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