Monday, September 27

Tinsel and Treasures....

After a wonderful week with girlfriends (and not nearly enough pictures; we are about the art and not taking photos apparently) we enjoyed one last hurrah in Spokane before I hopped a plane and headed to Northern California for Tinsel and Treasures.

Iva Wilcox hosts this amazing one day show of artists and their art in Danville, California. I don't want to sound biased, but honestly this was the best art show I've ever been to. Not the largest, but the BeSt none-the-less. Everyone there specializes in amazing, handmade art or antique and vintage elements.

Iva's trusty side kick and hostess numero uno Colleen Moody
(and half of her wonderfully-sassy husband) who hosted a huge dinner for everyone the night before. She is the most humble, wonderful woman I've ever met!

The lovely and talented Anna Corba who couldn't be nicer!
Happy Marsha who owes a local antique shop, where I spent most of my money! Oh, such goodness!!!
I should have taken a shot of Charlene's table at the end of the day, she literally had 3 small pumpkins left standing alone. I'm telling you Iva really markets this show well; the crowd is made up of women who support artists as opposed to being artists themselves! How wonderful for those selling, right?

The beautiful and talented Christy...

Fellow Fullerton Artist, Judy Mackie with her beautiful shell art!

So Cal Artist Virginia Lewis (who I want to teach at GTL)...
And this artist (who's name I unfortunately didn't get) creates all these guys completely by hand!
I can't possibly share photos of everyone there, but if you want to see more take a peek at all of Sandy Wood's fabulous pictures here...
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