Sunday, October 10

welcoming fall...

It hardly seems possible that we're already deep into October. But we are, and thankfully this year's weather is beginning to feel like fall. It's got me in the mood to cozy up our home, pull out the throw blankets and quilts, and welcome the cooler days ahead.
I was surprised to hear my husband say he wanted to start looking for new furniture for our living room, but I suppose it's time for that as well.
With the exception of our sofa's, our furniture has come from antique shops, thrift stores, and flea markets so I was unsure of where to begin our search for couches.
Until I went to Restoration Hardware's website... theirs is completely the look I'm going for!
I love all the non-color... the linen covered sofas, the wood, and the industrial pieces of the rooms they've designed! Being married to an archer, I've finally decided to go with this look completely; trophy's on the wall, cow hides, and painted wood floor! And the big bonus is that we've got all of this stuff already, so we only need to find the sofa!
So while we haven't settled on which of these we'll order, I had that color scheme in mind when I went junking with a girlfriend last week. It was so easy, and such fun shopping with a color pallet in mind...

These are a few of the things I found, and while these have a feminine touch that R.H. doesn't, I figure if I'm willing to have a full mount bear in my living room, my husband and son can deal with roses on our platters, old silverware, and etched shot glasses to sip from!
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