Sunday, December 19

I hope everyone's...

having a very Merry Christmas!
My wish is that you're able to enjoy all the things you love most about Christmas and the holiday season. I hope you forget about the long to do lists that can fill your days, and that you focus on all the little things that make you smile this time of year!
I love the merry making of it all, though it's changed over the years as my kids have gotten older... my husband reminded me today that I don't bake like I use to. Then he said he didn't miss it; we have no willpower over cookies, Rice Krispy treats, peppermint bark, or English toffee! Especially when it's usually just the two of us at home.
And this will be the first Christmas that we won't wake up with Ethyn and Jamie, as they've decided to spend Christmas Eve at their house for the first time since Ethyn's been born. It'll be different waking up without them here, but I understand Jamie's ready to start traditions of her own.
Thankfully there are some things that won't change! I'm looking forward to Christmas morning brunch at our house with the whole family... mimosas, hot cocoa, everyone's favorite foods, the yule log and Christmas music in the air.
So while I have wonderful memories of Christmas' past, I know we'll make new memories that we will cherish as much as we do the old.
(All photos from my White Christmas Ornament Swap)
I guess my point is that this time of year, whether different from days gone by or the same, they can be whatever we want it to be. Even with the sadness of lost loved ones and those we miss, I know I'm only as happy as I make my mind up to be, and I'm choosing to be Merry & Bright! I hope you're doing the same!
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