Thursday, January 27

Happy Thursday....

One little corner of Gilding The Lily. Oh, the goodness of it all!

Saturday, January 22

Naked no more...

This exasperated little doll is glad to be presentable at last! After a class with Colleen Moody last year I came home and whipped up several little girls with my left over clay; with Colleen's easy instructions they went together in a flash! But like many projects they sat cold and naked for months; doll after doll staring at me and wondering how they wound up in this situation! I finally stuck them in a box to avoid guilt each time I passed them by, only to play with something else in their place. Well, these little one's are finally dressed in something presentable and even have a full head of hair to show off. Although, they still look a bit upset... maybe I should sculpt a hunky man for the two of them to fight over!

Thursday, January 20

tying up loose ends

I can't believe it's been a year since I made this bezel!

Please tell me this happens to you; you want to try something new... say a new art, or working with a new medium. I start off so anxious to play and create, but once I figure out how to do it, I set things aside and move on to the next creative project.
Well, since I'm teaching others my simple techniques to create these bezels, I've pulled them out again and finally put a necklace together. I love the three Fat Daddy's in this photo! It made me think of the term fat cats, and so I turned to big stones to finish this necklace. It's also renewed my interest in these bezels and finding different materials to fill them with.
I have a few more projects to complete that were started long ago. Here's to pulling it all out and tying up loose ends!

Sunday, January 16

I must be having fun...

because the past month has flown by!

This weekend I gathered with an amazing group of women and taught a Soldering Basics workshop for Gilding the Lily. We didn't focus on projects but rather on the techniques of soldering, and what can be done with it. We soldered simple metal bezel frames, built our own chain, and then learned to solder applying a rough, chunky texture and patina. The response was so great that I'll repeat the class next weekend. I love sharing art with others and showing them how easy this really can be... an it's got to be said, Gilding has the best students!

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