Wednesday, February 23

The Mariposa Ponderosa

That's where my husband and I celebrated his birthday last weekend.
My cousin Elva and her husband have a great cabin
just outside of Yosemite which is perfect for my outdoor~loving guy.
Another cousin (I have 42 first cousins) and her fiance were
with us, but they were missing in action for the pictures... sorry Suzanne!
We had an easy drive up last Friday morning
and thankfully didn't get rain until we got there...
but we awoke to this beautiful snowfall Saturday.
As soon as the snow stopped
we slipped into our boots and John's warm jackets and headed out for a walk...
with a little hot totty to keep us warm.
We are such city slickers,
happy like little kids on Christmas morning.
On Sunday we drove into Yosemite where we
enjoyed lunch in the great room of The Ahwahnee Hotel.
A few coffee drinks later and it was back to my cousins place where we spent
the evening in the Jacuzzi under snowy skies.
We already have plans to go back in June
when my husband and the guys can fish Bass Lake
while the girls soak up a little sun, laugh much, enjoy a cold drink or three
and plan our next long weekend together!

Sunday, February 20

Gone Fishing...

Wish you were here!

Monday, February 14

Happy St. Valentine's Day

May your day be filled with sunshine, happiness, and a whole~lotta~lovin' from your special Valentine!

Friday, February 4

Releasing the Photographic Soul of Tin

I'm thrilled to announce that photographer Seal Kochel will be in southern California teaching his Tintype Workshop for myself and a few friends. The price includes everything you'll need to complete the class with the exception of a few items you can find around the house. I can only imagine where we can go, and what we can create once we learn this amazing art form. To make it easy for those of you who'd like to join us, I've come up with a convenient payment plan. If you'd like to attend or have any questions please e-mail me directly at

Thursday, February 3

New Tintype Workshop ~ Coming Soon

This past fall I met an amazing Photographer Sean Kochel while vacationing in Montana. Sean was vending at an Artist's Fair, and Keli, Leslie and I were immediately drawn to his Tintype Photography. As a photographer Sean has taken period correct cameras, as now creates his own stunning tintypes. He has happily agreed to travel to California to teach a small group of 12, in April. I'll open up registration this Saturday, February 5, 2011. Stay tuned for an amazing chance to join myself and friends in learning this long forgotten art!

PS: This will be a two day workshop, with vertually everything included, (including a camera you'll keep!), developing supplies, lunch, and it's all under $300. Stay tuned!
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