Wednesday, March 30

The Art of Crafting Photgraphs...

The art of photography has always fascinated me. I've owned several film SLR cameras, taken photography classes, read, studied, and loved this art for years.
But mastering the art of photography still escapes me.
I've slowed down in my pursuit of this art over the past few years, especially with with the onset of digital photography. I'm not sure why but it just doesn't hold the same allure for me as taking photographs, then developing and manipulating them in a darkroom.
Though I've struggled with all of this for years, I'm not ready to give up trying!
I'm hoping the with the help of Sean sharing his knowledge and skill in our upcoming workshop, that I too will learn the fine art of crafting beautiful photos. Maybe I'm not a 21st century girl after all. Maybe learning to craft photos the old fashioned way will lend itself to my hands-on way of learning. Maybe the deep, rough, imperfect finish of rich old tintypes better suits my nature. That's what I'm hoping for at least....
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