Friday, April 15

The Party's Over...

Oh, and what a party it was! Forgive me for being so long in writing...
and also for the lack of photos. As always I was too busy having fun to even think about taking pictures (except of course the photos I took in our workshop). The tintype below was my second attempt, and though not perfect it's great reminder of the weekend!
I don't know about you but I tend to think we are all more alike than we are different. And so with preparing for Sean's workshop last weekend and my bestie being on vacation with us for a week before that, with all my planning and prepping, I've been a bit slow this week as it's all come to an end. It's such a funny feeling to go from being on cloud 9 one day, to not knowing where to start in picking up the remnants of it all the next?

I can't begin to cover everything here but I can tell you there's nothing like laughing with girlfriends, enjoying a Happy Hour or two, junking at thrift stores, late night conversations, and early morning chats. Add to that all that goes along with hosting one super talented photographer Sean Kochel who was kind enough to fly to California to teach us the art of Wet Plate Photography!

From beginning to end Sean was a complete professional... patient, informative, helpful, and always available to guide any one of the 13 of us that gathered to learn from him. We spent the best two days together... getting to know our cameras, learning the chemical process of Wet Plate, and then bonding over two days as we practiced and adjusted our movements, and worked on our timing so that we might learn this highly sensitive art. We worked in small groups and also as a larger group and it was so nice to see such kind, friendly women (plus Lisa's handsome Adam) working side by side with no motive other than to help each other produce an image (any image at first), and then hearing cheers from the darkroom as someone's photo began developing before our eyes. I can't being to tell you what a wonderful group it was! By the time our weekend was up, we worked together like one big happy family encouraging and celebrating each others achievements.

While I have no interest in creating a business to pursue all the art I love so much, I would host another workshop with this group in a minute! If there's someone you think we should approach about teaching, I'm open to suggestion. Thank you each and every one for making this a huge success and so much fun! I can't wait to get together with you again. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again... you guys really are the best!

You can read and see more about our the class here, here, and here....
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