Wednesday, June 8

I want to paint like her...

Don't you love to have a little fun planned, especially with summer on the way?
Well, I recently started a new Art Group with a group of friends that are
so much fun,
and this Saturday is our next get together.

It's funny how the week before we meet the e-mails start flying fast and furious...
talk about food, what we need & want to bring to share,
what we'll do, etc... fill my mind and trigger my imagination.
This time we're painting at Lisa's...
she's a huge fan of Jesse Reno, I'm loving Flora's work and
I would love
to paint like the unknown artist's who's work is shown above
(I took this last summer while vacationing in Montana with my two other Art Besties)!
So that's what I'm doing... how about you?
I hope you're planning some summer loving of your own!
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