Friday, July 15

Bewitching Halloween Tiara...

I don't know about you, but I find it difficult to think about Halloween in July however that's just what I'm doing. Actually I'm finishing the last couple of projects for Iva's Tinsel and Treasures event in September. Project two down... two to go. But for now, it's back to enjoying the beautiful weather outside.
Happy Friday!

Monday, July 11

Turning up the creativity...

Does anyone else find it hard to keep your creativity going in the summer?
Don't get me wrong, I've got loads of ideas and several times a day the urge to create washes over me. But just as quickly the urge is replaced with calls to friends to come by for an easy summer dinner, or I grab another cold drink and resume my place on the lounge chair out back beside Mr Warren. I can't think of a better way to spend my summer... thought I do feel awful that I've kept others waiting for long promised projects. So Iva, here's the first of my Make & Takes I'll be sharing with everyone at Tinsel and Treasures. Thanks so much for sticking with me through my slow progress Iva, I promised to stay in my studio this week and get the other projects to you ASAP!
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