Wednesday, December 21

Christmas Cheer!

I stumbled onto this site featuring creative Christmas trees,
and thought I'd share a few festive,
fun sites to enjoy on these last few days before Christmas!

Check out these synchronized Christmas lights...

Here's a link to a ton of last minute gifts you can make...
for your friends with pets and those without.

and for those of you who find yourself
having to explain The Truth About Santa...
this mother does the best job out there!

From my humble home to yours, I wish you all a wonderful Christmas
filled with laughter, love, and the ones you love!
Make it your best Christmas yet!

Tuesday, December 13

One of my favorite ways to celebrate...

This past weekend a few friends and I went out to The Mission Inn to celebrate Christmas over lunch and a little shopping. I've only been here once before and I've never had the chance to really explore or take in the beauty of it.

Though our little Christmas exchange, lunch, and shopping were the reason for our get together, I don't think we could have chosen a more beautiful place to meet! The Mission's Christmas decor is beautiful and completely inspired me to spend the following day sprucing my own home for the holidays.
While we were there, one my fearless friends took us on an impromptu tour of the amazing chapel that sits tucked away upstairs in The Mission and is easy to miss.
As darkness fell we were treated not only to a visit with the big guy, but to the spectacular Festival of Lights that The Mission Inn is known for...
Celebrations like this, and outings with friends are one of my favorite ways to celebrate the holidays. Thanks to each of you for a perfect day!

Wednesday, December 7

Decking the Halls....

Two months... are you serious? I'm so sorry to any of you that still check in on my neglected little blog; I'm sorry for having been absent so long. I have no excuse. BUT I've been having a ton of fun; playing, making art, getting together with friends, working on Christmas projects, and a 12 Days of Christmas ornament swap (pictures to come soon). I promise to try and be better about blogging in 2012. I hope to blog before then and share a little Christmas cheer while I deck the halls. Here are a few snaps of where the last few months have taken me...
My bestie Leslie came out for Thanksgiving, and thankful we were to have her with us!
We made art...
and played MdM style with books, of course. I'll be back soon... promise!
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